(Vicksburg Evening Post-May 3, 1938)

Last Sad Riles At Presbyterian Church For Dr. Colmery

Funeral services were to be held this afternoon at 5 o'clock: at Edwards for the "Rev. Dr. Charles Pier Colmery, 79, who died here Monday morning. Sorrowing friends from near and far were expected to overflow the  little  Edwards Presbyterian church over which Dr. Colmery had presided, for almost fifty years.


Dr. E. W. Ford, of Goodman; Dr. J. B. Hutton, of Jackson, and Dr. F. L. McCue, of Centerville, all lifelong friends of the deceased minister, were to conduct the last sad rites.


The pall bearers:

Honorary: Clifton Farr, Oscar Farr, James Farr, Vaughn Ashford, W. A. Ward, A. J. Lewis, H. A. Cannada, P. C. Bankston, Sr., S. K. Askew, T. R. Armstrong, J. L. Noble, Dr. D. C. Alsobrook, Dr. B. C. Edwards, Dr W. H. Parsons, Dr. L. J; dark. Dr. W. T. Lowry, Dr. T.' B. Grafton, Rev. M. H. Wells.

Active: C. D. Noble, P. C. Bankston, Jr., C. 0. Read, T. J. Kinzer,  P. J. Carroll, J. L. Hyland, W. Gearheart, and Milton Farr.

Dr. Colmery, a native of Carroll ton, Miss., where he was born Jan. 6, 1859, came to Edwards in 1888 after graduating from what Is now Southwestern University. Just prior to coming here, he was married to Miss Clemmie Herring of Clarksville, Tenn., where the university was then located.

Next month, Dr. Colmery would have celebrated his golden wedding anniversary, and in July would have had his fiftieth anniversary with the church. At the time of his death, he held the oldest pastorate in Mississippi. In addition to serving his Edwards church, faithful congregations at Yokena, Bolton and Queen's Hill heard him at regular services.

He is survived by his wife; six children, W. B. Gibson, At lanta; W. G. Colmery, Jacksonville, Fla.; Mrs. C. S. Hackler, Edwards; B. H. Colmery, Vicksburg; Mrs. Pittman Sutton, Charlotte, N. C.; and C. P. Colmery, Jr., Vicksburg and eleven grandchildren.  (Next Article)