1885   Collections for Building a Presbyterian Church At Yokena


Jan.       6th       Proceeds of wood sold in VB.                                                        300.00       
            17th      Collections in small amounts by Mr. George
                         Hullum, from the neighborhood.                                                         30.75

April      3rd       Neighborhood collections by Mr. James Simrall.                                10.00
              6th      Neighborhood collections                                                                     3.55
            16th      Proceeds of Festive at Mrs. P----donations.                                      65.00
            26th      Neighborhood collections by Mr. G. Hullum                                         4.25
                       Mr. George Thomsand (S. C.) by (C. A. H.)                                        5.00

May    NDG    Collections by Mr. George Hullum.                                                       8.45
Andrews                                                                                       5.00
                      Cake sold by Mrs. P.                                                                           5.00
                      A donation (MR. C.)                                                                             2.25

July       2nd     Check from Mr. N. Chamberlain of St. Louis                                      100.00
             3rd     Cash from The Christian Observer, through Mr. Palmer.                          3.00
            25th    Check from Dr. Boggs' Church, Memphis.                                             50.00

Aug.     22nd     Mr. Thomas Freeland                                                                            5.00

            24th      Mr.
E. Klaus                                                                                         3.00
            31st      Christian Observer, to Miss Cameron                                                     3.00

Sept.     23rd     Check from Major J. M. Edwards-Memphis                                         25.00
             23rd     P. 0. Order
from Dr. Hamlin (Jackson)                                                 20.00

Oct.       5th      VB. Presbyterian Picnic                                                                         15.00
              6th      Rev. G. L. Leyburn, Lexington, Mo.
            10th      Freight for wood collected by Mr. J. Simrall                                         16.00
            22nd     Contribution from Mr. J. D. Gilland                                                        10.00

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